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  • Copy of passport personal details

  • Passport photo

  • Accommodation details

  • Your travel dates

  • Credit/debit card or PayPal Account

NOTE: Upon arrival in Kazakhstan, you will be asked to present the following:

  • Document proving purpose of travel

  • Proof of accommodation

  • Proof of funds (you should also be able to prove at the border that you have sufficient funds to cover all costs associated with travel to Kazakhstan including funds for financing minors accompanying you

  • Travel and health insurance

  • You should be able to prove at the border that you hold a return ticket





Located in Central Asia, the Republic of Kazakhstan, simply referred to as Kazakhstan is one of the most economical developed economies in the region. This stability is given by the fact that the government has started implementing several changes in the legislation in order to create an open market for foreign investments and to shift from the import-based economy to the export-based one.

Foreign investors who want to start companies in Kazakhstan will be interested to know that Kazakhstan in one of the largest oil  producing countries in the region. Also, Kazakhstan’s strategic location between China and Europe, its large territory, and direct access to the market of nearly 500 million people will continue to serve the country well in the years to come.

If you want to start a business in Kazakhstan, Kazakhstan Lifestyle  is here to help you get started with the right tools and support.We can propose you the best-customized business setup packages, provide you with the latest information on all ongoing offers, propose you a variety of the best facilities in Kazakhstan, assist you on the whole way of company formation and ensure professional support after the company visa is obtained.

Kazakhstan Lifestyle combines more than 8 years of experience in Kazakhstan tourism. We are a young and ambitious team that stand confident and rock solid behind our values, belief and services. Our carefully selected staff is highly trained in their work field. As a team we work with great commitment and a never ending smile on our face.Three words that capture the soul of Kazakhstan Lifestyle; service, integrity and  adventure.

Cost of Company Formation in Kazakhstan

The cost of Company Formation in Kazakhstan is mostly straightforward and there are no hidden costs. It costs 3,999 US dollars to set up a company in Kazakhstan, which includes a US 200 opening bank balance and an official address The cost component is split majorly into the following headers broadly - Documentation & Attestation and Visa Processing & Immigration.

8 steps to incorporating in Kazakhstan


  1. Prior to Kazakhstan company setup, our Client i) settles 50% of the initial fee, ii) signs and returns our Client Engagement Letter and iii) provides us all the required due diligence documents;

  2. We reserve the company name with the Kazakh government and prepares company deeds of establishment and articles of association. The exact corporate structure is agreed with our Client;

  3. We apply for a certificate of state registration and registers with the local tax authority and obligatory employee health and life insurance on behalf of our Client;

  4. We arrange for a company seal to be made by a specialized seal-making company;

  5. We open a corporate bank account

  6. We arrange for signature specimen cards from the bank in Kazakhstan to be sent to our Client. Once our Client has signed the specimen cards in the presence of a notary and returned them to us, a permanent bank account can be opened on behalf of our Client;

  7. Following process completion, We courier a full company kit to our Client, including i) original Kazakhstan corporate documents ii) a business identification number iii) bank correspondence and iv) all remaining documentation including visa.

  8. To support the Kazakhstan business, We provide our Client a full Kazakhstan Legal office address.

Diligence documents

Document Language

Documents are by law acceptable in English. But In practice all documents in languages other than English must be accompanied by a translation into English, which must be certified as described below.


Document Copies and Translations

Document copies and translations must be certified in one of the following manners:

  • Legalised by a local ministry of foreign affairs

  • Legalised by a notary public


Individual Identification Documents

The following documents are required in respect of each individual:

  • Passport (or, alternatively a national id card)

  • Proof of residence (a driving licence or a utility bill will generally be acceptable)

  • Taxpayer identification number


Corporate Identification Documents

The following documents are required in respect of each legal entity:

  • Certificate of Incorporation, or Registration, or Good Standing (a lawyer certification is usually not acceptable)

  • Certified copy of the Memorandum & Articles of Association or equivalent document by a local ministry of foreign affairs

  • Certified copy of the written resolution by a local ministry of foreign affairs

  • Company taxpayer identification number

  • Bank account (in local and overseas banks)

Working with us means trust, stability and high productivity. We have been working in the field of corporate law since 2012 and we guarantee our clients predictable results.

We will be glad to see you among our clients.

Our young tour guide was a energetic man with passion of the country's history... We had enjoyed ourselves..

Kazakhstan is such a lovely country and popular for its beautiful historical sights, mountains, openhearted and hospitable people.

I also recommend our friends and travelers to visit picturesque Charyn Canyon -“Valley of Castles”


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